Liposuction is the ideal method for body shaping and regional thinning. With liposuction, resistant fat tissues that do not respond to diet and other slimming methods are removed from certain parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, legs, knees, waist, back region, ankles, arms and under the chin. As a result, your body contours are better shaped.

There is no age limit for liposuction. However, while the effects of liposuction are more prominent in skins that have not lost their elasticity, operations such as skin stretching may also be required to obtain the desired effect after liposuction.

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Liposuction is not recommended for people who have diabetes, severe heart, lung or circulation problems, or who have recently undergone another surgical intervention in the area where the liposuction will be performed.

Since the fat cells in the body are permanently removed by liposuction, with the correct technique, the result is permanent. Even if weight is gained afterwards, there will be no further lumps and bulges in the operation area again.

There is no harm in combining liposuction with different operations. Liposuction can be performed in all seasons. However, wearing a corset after surgery may be uncomfortable for patients who have to be outside in extremely hot weather.