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Turkey has a wealth of well-trained and highly experienced manpower in the health sector. Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city, harbors many state of the art well-equipped hospitals. Every year, a total of approximately 500,000 people come to Turkey, which is situated at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, to benefit from this unique healthcare opportunity.
Our aim in health consultancy is to ensure that our customers are brought together with the most experienced experts in their field so that they have access to an extremely reliable, highest quality system of healthcare.
Our customers can be confident that we will give them our warmest support at every stage of their health journey.


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I went to him for IVF, he said the success rate is 60%. It really was true. I got pregnant on my first IVF cycle. Now I am able to hold my twins in my arms. Although he is a professor, he is the most humble doctor I have ever seen. Whenever I call, he answers the phone; even if he cannot answer at that moment, he always returns back. I thank him very much. He is an excellent doctor for me in all aspects.


I live abroad. I had an ectopic pregnancy in the past months. Since I had doubts about this issue, I found Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu and contacted him. He told me that there was an easy way to treat ectopic pregnancy without surgery if possible. The next day, I flew to Turkey, had my gynecologic examination. Since my condition was appropriate for medical treatment, I got a single shot and ended my ectopic pregnancy without any problems.  Afterwards, I had no complaints or side effects, so I offer my endless thanks and love to Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu.


After a year of trying to get pregnant, we met my esteemed doctor, Dr. Alparslan. All the doctors we had seen before we met him said that we could have a child in the normal way without asking for any tests or analyzes. However, the prolongation of this process started to affect me and my wife psychologically in a negative way. Later, we started to search for a doctor who is more specialized in his field and we met Dr. Alparslan, thanks to this website. Dr. Alparslan asked for the necessary tests and analyzes, and explained us the correct way to follow. In this process, I would like to thank my dear doctor Alparslan Baksu, who really approached us like a father, who supported us more than necessary and helped us to have a world-sweet girl. We are lucky to get to know you Dr.Alparslan. With love and respect.


A friend of recommended Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu; that’s how we met him at the end of 2018. After the surgeries and treatments, we finally held our daughter in our arms in March 2020. Now I am a 35-year-old new mother. First of all, I had extremely painful menstrual periods during puberty. I was not able to get pregnant for years after my marriage, and then had a 7-weeks miscarriage in the summer of 2017. In addition, my husband used sperm quality enhancing drugs and supplements for months, even though he had no problems. Finally, we started to consider IVF and we made an appointment with Prof.Dr.Alparslan Baksu. At the first examination, he diagnosed me with septum in the uterus. After HSG film was taken, the degree of the uterine anomaly was revealed and Prof. Alparslan performed my 2 hysteroscopy operations at the beginning of 2019 with 2 months intervals. Right after the recovery period, after our first trial, I  got pregnant. I was so happy. I had heavy bleeding at 13th weeks of my pregnancy and I was hospitalized for 8 days under the supervision of Prof. Alparslan. Afterwards, I generally rested by lying down for a month without getting up at home and then another month without leaving the house. I left home only for doctor’s checks. After my 2 months of rest, I was very cautious during the last 3 months of my pregnancy, but also more active. I delievered at 38 + 5 weeks. Thanks to our doctor Alparslan, we took our baby in our arms with good health. In this process, we are very greatful for his endless support. We want to present our endless gratitude to Alparslan Baksu. I cannot tell how lucky we feel ourselves to have the chance to meet him in this life.


My miracle is Alparslan Baksu …

On March 30, 2018, my friend took me to Prof. Dr. Alparslan Baksu due to excessive vaginal bleeding.

I had numerous fibroids (he described it as a potato sack), they covered the whole uterus, and he said emergency surgery.

What was myoma, what was hysteroscopy? With crazy questions in my head and the shock I was experiencing, I called my cousin who is a gynecologist; my friends talked to their doctors and the situation was thoroughly confused. The overall result was that it was very risky to have this surgery before I have a child. Of course, this comment was before they saw the ultrasound image. When they saw the ultrasound, yes, they said ‘you need to have surgery, but the locations of myomas are at a big risk’.

I believed in Prof. Alparslan unconditionally from the very first moment; he was whatever he said for me, and I immediately had a successful operation thanks to Prof. Alparslan.

After 3 months, I had another operation, just as he said from the start.

And 5 months after the last operation, I went to see him again because of bleeding and we found out that I was pregnant.

Of course, my pregnancy would not be easy..

I had threatened abortion, bleeding, Rh incompatibility during my pregnancy. But thanks to Prof. Alparslan, we got through.

At the beginning of my 7th month of pregnancy, during my routine antenatal follow-up, Prof.Alparslan diagnosed my cervical dilatation. Thanks to the cerclage operation performed on the 27th week, which many doctors would not dare, with the experience of Prof. Alparslan,  I held my baby in my arms at the 38th week.

In short, Prof. Alparslan managed both my pregnancy and my other diseases very well with his interest, relevance and experienced approach to the problems that occur before, during and after pregnancy.

It is very difficult to recommend something to someone, but in this life, the only thing I recommend with confidence is my doctor Alparslan.